At Frateschi, Schiano & Germano we understand that good people can make bad decisions, and we believe that you and your family deserve the most competent, aggressive and thoughtful representation available.  When your liberty and future are stake, it is imperative that you make the right choice in your representation as soon as possible.  Our attorneys understand how to provide that representation better than anyone.  With over 20 years of prosecutorial experience, our attorneys know exactly how to defend your case.  All of our members served as assistant district attorneys in Onondaga County, handling thousands of criminal cases from economic crimes to homicides. We understand how the prosecution thinks and we will use that experience to your advantage.  


If you or a family member is charged with driving while intoxicated or driving while ability impaired, it is essential that you understand the consequences that could result from your arrest and conviction. Consequences that could impact the most important aspects of your life; your family, your career, and your freedom.  People often underestimate the seriousness of this charge, and fail to recognize the effects that may follow.  At Frateschi, Schiano & Germano, we offer unparalleled experience to provide you with the most effective representation in Upstate New York.  As former prosecutors, we understand how to build a DWI case from the ground up, and we know how break it down.  We will evaluate every piece of evidence, scrutinize every test, and use our longstanding relationships to assure the best outcome available.  


Starting and operating a business involves many challenges that require the experience and knowledge of a skilled attorney who is well-versed in the laws of business, contracts, and commerce.

We have years of extensive experience navigating a wide variety of legal issues that arise in the business world. Whether it be the proper legal structure of a business entity during its startup phase, contract preparation, business dissolution or anything in between, our firm provides the legal advice you need for your business to avoid potential legal pitfalls.

A Wide Range of Corporate Legal Services

  • Incorporation and LLC Formation
  • Business Sale and Purchase
  • Contract Preparation and Review
  • Operating & Partnership Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Employment Contracts
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Business Litigation

Economic Development

Economic Development Assistance Expertise Includes:

  • Securing tax benefits from Industrial Development Agencies and Local Development Companies
  • Formation of Local Development Corporations
  • Navigating the maze of economic development agencies, on the State, County, and municipal levels
  • Consultation on financial analysis of project viability
  • Identifying financial and technological assistance for high tech start-up companies

We are well versed in innovative financings, economic development practices and legal guidance related to a multitude of economic development projects. Our public sector participation, land use and zoning expertise, and financing background are critical components used to bring economic development projects to positive conclusions.

Real Estate

Because real estate transactions involve substantial financial investment and potential risk for developers, buyers, and sellers our real estate practice employs a multidisciplinary approach to provide our clients seamless representation.

From initial planning to project completion, our years of experience in economic development, land use planning & zoning, and municipal law provides our clients greater insight and direction.

Commercial and Residential Representation Includes:

  • Buy-sell agreements: review, drafting, negotiating, integrating
  • Land Use & Zoning
  • Disclosure of defects
  • Environmental issues related to real estate development or sale
  • Boundary disputes
  • Insurance coverage
  • Landlord/tenant
  • Easements

Land Use & Zoning

Our law firm routinely provides service to developers in several aspects of land use and zoning matters. Our attorneys have worked on projects on both sides of the municipal table which brings a unique perspective that is invaluable to someone trying to develop a project. Our services range from applications for minor variances to permits for commercial real estate projects, subdivisions, site plans for office parks, shopping centers, single family and multi-family housing developments.

Our Services in this Area Include:

  • Guidance in complying with the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA).
  • Legal representation in front of planning boards and zoning boards.
  • Assistance with regulatory requirements such as historic preservation regulations or reviews by state agencies.
  • Legal representation in front of planning boards and zoning boards.


We have attorneys who have represented governments at every level and they provide a full range of multidisciplinary legal services to towns, counties, and various boards and commissions in nearly every aspect of municipal affairs and corporate governance.

Our experience ranges from drafting resolutions and local laws to advising elected bodies on constitutional matters in litigation, representation in all labor and employment matters, from tax assessment and tax certiorari to zoning, planning, and land use matters. You will find our firm’s municipal experience and dedication to service to be second to none.

Municipal Representation Includes:

  • Attorney for the Town of Manlius
  • Special counsel and Zoning Board of Appeals attorney for the Town of Salina
  • Chairman of the Planning Board in the Town of Salina (former)
  • Other municipalities previously served by our attorneys: Town of Elbridge, Town of Lysander, Town of Fabius and Village of Fabius

Experience You Can Count On

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide clients exceptional legal services seamlessly integrated across a broad range of needs and legal disciplines. The depth and breadth of our experience enables us to offer insight from many relevant angles.

Do you or your business have a legal issue that you would like to discuss? Please contact our business attorneys to set up a free consultation to get the help you need.